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Season Info

2022 Season Information

Parent/Player/Coach Meeting - There will be a parent informational meeting on Sunday, February 13th at 5:00pm at Wells Stadium.

Tryouts - The season officially begins February 28th, and tryouts will be held that first week.

Season Dates - Practice times and dates will be announced at a later date. With the exception of the Jamboree, all games and practices are on week nights.  

Jamboree - Our game schedule will kick off with the annual Jamboree the weekend of March 12, 2022.  JV will play on Saturday and Varsity will play on Sunday.  

Registration - Registration for the 2022 season is open (see link below). The registration cost is $475 (please see below for financial assistance information). Players are required to have a valid USA Lacrosse membership, as described below.  Registration consists of both the Sports Engine registration for contact info, waivers and payment, and the Lincoln High School FamilyID registration to provide physician and insurance info, medical clearance, etc.  These registrations can be completed in any order, but must both be completed before the first day of tryouts.   Links to these registrations can be found on our Registration page.

FamilyID - Lincoln Girls Lacrosse uses the Lincoln High School FamilyID sports registration system to collect physician and insurance info, medical clearance, honor code compliance and certain waivers.  Players must complete this registration in addition to the program registration before tryouts.  A link to this registration can be found on our Registration page.

Physical Exams - Players are required to have a physical exam within two years of the end of each season, with a hard copy Physical Exam Form on file with the Lincoln High School Athletic Office completed by the examining physician and certifying clearance to play sports.  The FamilyID registration process describes this requirement, provides links to the required form, and provides an opportunity to share medical conditions arising since the last physical exam.  A hard copy of the Physical Exam Form MUST be provided to the LHS Athletic Office.  The link to upload the form through FamilyID is optional and can be ignored.  For the 2022 season, a new or previously submitted Physical Exam Form is only valid if based on a physical completed after 6/1/20.  A player does not need to submit a new form if a valid one is already on file.  A player whose last physical was before 6/1/20 must have a new physical exam and submit a new Physical Exam Form. 

Concussion Testing - We strongly recommend, but do not require, that all players perform concussion baseline testing before the season. 

Free Baseline Testing:  (tbd)

There is also at least one online service that allows you to perform the testing at home for a fee - - and there are many locations in Portland where you can have the testing administered for a fee, including OHSU, Providence Health & ServicesThe Portland Clinic, and Metropolitan Pediatrics.

Practice Schedule

Practice schedule will be announced at a later date. HS practice times are expected to alternate between either 5-7 pm or 7-9 pm.

US Lacrosse Membership

Players are required to have a US Lacrosse membership valid through May 31 of each season for high school and June 30 for youth.  Membership costs $35/year (high school), and $30 (youth).  Please join or renew your membership before you register for Lincoln Girls Lacrosse as you will be required to enter a valid membership number during the registration process.

You can check whether or not you're already a member, or the expiration date of your current membership,  or join using the JOIN button on the upper right of the page at the following link: US Lacrosse

Payment and Financial Assistance

Payment - Registration payments are due in full before the start of the season.  Payment may be made online (preferred) by credit card or bank account ACH during the registration process.

Refunds - In case of an unforeseen official season cancellation prior to April 1, 2022, registration fees will be refunded in full.  An official season cancellation after this date will result in a partial refund, as determined by the board.

In the case of an individual player seeking a refund for reasons other than an official season cancellation, we will issue full refunds, less a 10% processing fee, for the first week after the first day of practice or tryouts.  We will issue a 50% refund during the second week after the first day of practice or tryouts.  No refunds will be issued thereafter, regardless of whether the player discontinues due to injury, illness, choice, academic standing, honor code violation or any other reason.  Please contact the registrar for all refund requests.

Financial Assistance - We do not want financial constraints to preclude any students from participating in any of our activities.  Payment plans and partial scholarships of varying levels are available to players on free and reduced lunch programs, or experiencing other financial constraints.  To request financial assistance, please complete the Financial Assistance Application on the Registration page.  A determination will be made and communicated to you within a week, and a discount code provided that you can use during the event registration.

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